Executive Protection

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Professional & Discreet

Our executive protection team has experience serving businessman, executives, dignitaries, athletes, celebrities, and other prominent figures that seek this protection.

Our security plans is tailored to the lifestyles of our clients with minimal disruption. Our protocol is designed to constantly analyze threat and prevent or neutralize issues, Officers remain discreet and vigilant while our clients enjoy minimal disruption.

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HMS Security - Services - Executive

HMS Protection has the capability of conducting investigations and serves individuals, corporations to legal professionals. Our investigation officers are experienced and experts in the creation of reports that will aid in legal proceedings.

Our Security Division is here to provide your facility with safety, protection, and maintain order at all times. Our core objective is to consistently provide high quality security services and maintain the highest standards in personnel training in order to protect our customers, maintain a safe and organized environment and ensure our customers assets are being protected.

Our executive protection team is ready to manage:

  • Advance Security Protocol
  • Pre-Screening of facilities for threats.
  • Arranging with venue, local enforcement, and other officials.
  • Arrange clients entry and departure points.
  • Safe passage throughout visit with minimal disruption in a discreet manner.
  • Transportation Protocol
  • Using our Modern Vehicle fleet or our clients vehicles.
  • Professional Security drivers, trained to deal with reckless drivers and pedestrians. Trained to detect potentially dangerous situations and measures to avoid them.
  • Fire Watch or Incident Watch
  • Incident watch response officers can be deployed at any given time on a temporary basis. This service is often used when fire alarm systems are malfunctioning or a car accident strikes your store front, our incident response officer can watch over your assets meanwhile issues are resolved.
  • Our officers are trained to operate fire panels systems, reporting of any discrepancies and respond to incidents.
  • Investigations

Our clients and area of expertise include:

  • Insurance claims investigations.
  • Pre-Employment Screening.
  • Investigations for attorneys.
  • Mystery Shopper – Loss Prevention
  • Our Mystery Shopper – Loss Prevention Service is tailored for retailers operations.
  • Theft usually takes place in fitting rooms and the perpetrators want to act unnoticed and blend in the crowd. A simple store greeter offering assistance can deter a shoplifter from entering a store. A fitting room clerk can monitor merchandise and the items entering and leaving the fitting room.
  • Our program assess multiple cross departmental points of weakness to help a retailer meet its business objectives.
  • Security Consultants
  • Uniformed Officers

Service Management Protocol

  • Access Control
  • Anti- Terrorism standards
  • CPR/First Aid/ AED
  • Drug and Alcohol detection
  • Escort Services – interior and exterior
  • Evacuation planning
  • Law Enforcement Communication
  • Inventory Control
  • ID / Badge Systems
  • Incident Management
  • Post- Order/ Safety
  • Safety
  • Security plan development
  • Tenant Security Fairs
  • Tenant Relations – Retention
  • Vehicle Bomb Search techniques
  • Secretarial Services
  • Perimeter protection

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