Who we serve

Commercial Security for Airports, Airlines and Aviation industry

Secured terminals, airplanes and areas where travelers transit ensure comfort and an everlasting impression to the travelers.

HMS’s security services for Airports, Airlines, and Aviation ensures to deliver this experience.

Security Services for Places of Worship

Security Services for places of worship demand a company that is understanding of the challenges related to protecting places of worship including maintaining the highest standards of protection yet, promoting a beautiful and welcoming environment for all the visitors to enjoy.

A reliable company that will be available for all the scheduling challenges including personnel for special events such as weddings, funerals, capable of maintaining facilities connected to your institution like day cares and educational facilities.

Corporate and Commercial Real Estate Companies Rely on HMS Protection

From protecting warehouses to corporate headquarters, working for property management companies, Real estate investment trust (REIT) and building owners, HMS knows how to keep your property safe. Our commercial security services.

We have the ability to accommodate a complete spectrum of commercial properties, from Class A office buildings and corporate office parks to warehouses, industrial properties and other high-traffic facilities.

Corporate Security Services

Our services our designed to perform according to your needs. Our corporate security services are staffed by qualified, and professional workforce in combination of latest proven security processes.

We make it easy for you to have a safe facility with our experience and ability to successfully combine any of our services to achieve quality oriented results. You can rely on our proven corporate security services for your facility, in many ways through:

  • Professionally Managed Services.
  • Greater efficiencies and Cost Reduction.
  • 100% custom tailored to fit your budget and requirements.

Security Services for Day Cares, Health Clubs, Gyms and Educational and Schools

HMS Protection services understands the needs of public facilities. People are selective and public facilities need to be secured according to the highest standards.

We tailor a security service program to accomplish the following:

  • Promote a welcoming environment for everyone.
  • Enhance the appearance and marketability of the facility through uniformed guards.
  • Ensure safety and incident reporting to aid in protecting the assets of our customers.

Security Services for Automobile Dealerships

Your dealerships relies on a customers first impression. HMS understands a dealership requires detail oriented Security that is representative of the brands it sells and protects the assets of our customers around the clock.

Security Services for Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions must maintain the highest standards in security and protect the interest of its clients. HMS Protection can create a program for your institution. Provide a professional officer that will create a safe and welcoming environment for your customers and employees alike.

HMS’s experience with government and international organizations encompasses understanding of the objectives the missions have.

Government facilities are under pressure to maintain the highest standards of Security.

We will ensure:

  • Compliance with United States law.
  • Maintaining the highest standards in practices and insurance.
  • Complete management of  personnel.
  • Management incidents of all mission properties or events.

Security for Hospitals, Clinics, Labs, Outpatient Centers, Nursing Homes and Medical Offices

Our Healthcare Security service ensures our employees and patients are under a secure facility at all times. We ensure management of:

  • Visitor Tracking through ID and Badge systems.
  • Incident reporting.
  • Expertise in incident management.

Security Services for Museums and Exhibition Spaces

Museums require attention to detail additionally, A company that understands most museums are managed by public funds so it is important to maintain the highest standards at budget friendly costs.

Small Business

Small Business’s rely on HMS Protection services for Professional results at small business friendly costs

HMS Protection services understands the needs small business encounter and we are here to grow with you from day one. Our strategy is designed to become your partner, understand your needs, and deliver quality results.

Our small business program is designed to provide:

  • Competitive and reasonable costs
  • Managing all the aspects of your security services and allowing you to focus on your core business

We are loyal and will work with you through any situation and ensure our customer service oriented results are fruitful. Our services can be tailored into a package that will ensure cost savings.

SERVICES MANAGED! We’re here to help.